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Solutions4ebiz becomes the Exclusive Midwest Distributor of ImageStream Internet Solutions

Solutions4ebiz announced that it has become the exclusive Midwest distributor of ImageStream Internet Solutions products in the United States. ImageStream is the world's leading manufacturer of Linux-based routers for midrange applications from T1 through OC12. ImageStream products offer low-cost, high-performance solutions for service providers and businesses requiring high speed Internet connectivity with advanced traffic management capabilities. Solutions4ebiz also makes its Linux routers and related products available for purchase through its e-commerce website, www.imagestreamsolutions.com.

Solutions4ebiz has been using ImageStream products for several years. The company was so impressed with the high quality and price-performance level of the products that they decided to enter into an exclusive business relationship to make available the ImageStream product line through its e-commerce website and toll-free number.

"This is a tremendous opportunity for Solutions4ebiz to build on our significant Linux experience by representing the ImageStream product line," said Jack Wilson, President of Solutions4ebiz. "ImageStream products have been sold in more than 75 countries, but our primary focus will be in the states of Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, and Wisconsin."

Resellers and end users will benefit from purchasing ImageStream's Linux routers from Solutions4ebiz because of the quality, performance, and advanced features that ImageStream delivers at a more cost-effective price than rival products such as Cisco routers. And with the www.imagestreamsolutions.com website, customers can now order 24 hours a day. Solutions4ebiz also stocks the most popular inventory for faster delivery time, and provides customer support for the Linux routers and other hardware products.

Solutions4ebiz is actively seeking resellers in the Midwest region. The company will soon release an exclusive website for authorized resellers of ImageStream products, giving resellers the ability to purchase Linux routers and other products online with a purchase order, credit card or electronic check.