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As one of the premier national ISP and WISP solutions providers, Solutions4ebiz represents the best of the best in Billing and OSS software and exceptional performance and reliability in enterprise hardware from ImageStream and Synaccess.

Azotel SIMPLer Billing & OSS

Azotel SIMPLer billing and operations support system software brings you the most complete network management system available today for Small, Medium and Large WISPs and ISPs around the world. With key features like customer portal, auto-redirect and disconnect, top notch support, network health monitoring and alarming, contract or hot-spot billing functions and much more, you can count on Azotel and their SIMPLer system to bring ease to your operations.

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Saisei FlowCommand Policy Enforcement

Saisei FlowCommand is a modern, real-time flow-policy control, analytics and security solution that doubles the usable bandwidth in deployed networks, all on non-proprietary hardware and at an affordable price. FlowCommand guarantees no link or user session will ever crash again; and provides sub-second analytics, policy enforcement and security across 40 metrics. If you run a large enterprise, data center, education, ISP, or government network, you know all too well the operational sea changes you are facing today with bandwidth usage. Take control of your network today and provide a user experience that has come to be expected in today's bandwidth hungry world.

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Enterprise Hardware & Scale Computing

Solutions4ebiz is proud to be a full-service supplier of top products and services, developed in-house or in partnership with leading suppliers in the network industry. Our strategic relationships with suppliers such as Scale Computing, ImageStream, and Synaccess are focused on delivering hardware as well as network and subscriber management tools so that our ISP, WISP, and Telecom customers can operate more efficiently and affordably. Our latest addition, Scale Computing, integrates storage, servers, and virtualization software into an all-in-one appliance based system that is scalable, self-healing, and as easy to manage as a single server.

Our dedicated sales and distribution specialists offer quick and courteous response and direct access to manufacturers. Our success model is based on an unflagging interest in your success.

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Modular Network Packet Brokers and Bypass Switches

Niagara Networks offers a wide range of network security optimization solutions for the WISP market, ranging from Passive and Active TAPs to Active and Passive Bypass Switches. Niagara also offers modular and fixed-configuration Network Packet Brokers that supports 100% of the capabilities required for Network Monitoring and guaranteed uptime. Security, monitoring, application and performance appliances are instrumental for smooth operation of a network. Niagara Networks can provide the intelligence required to manage these devices.

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Network Protection and Revenue-Generation Tools

Take advantage of tools you need to for network security and subscriber communication … and let advertisers cover the cost. With MyTurf, you get MalVertising protection, streamlined subscriber alerts, and revenue-generating geo-local advertising all in one easy package.

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