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Indianapolis Company Copyrights Java Class Objects

Solutions4ebiz has an excellent track record of rapid application development for its clients. And now the Indianapolis-based technology firm has registered its reusable modules of code with the U.S. Copyright Office. Solutions4ebiz Java Class Objects were copyrighted, as President Jack Wilson explains, These Java Class Objects offer a "large toolbox of code that has significantly accelerated the development of our products. As a matter of fact, two of our newest products were developed with the use of these modules."

Solutions4ebiz 's Java code utilizes their Java Class Objects at the database level. Michael Sheward, Chief Technical Officer for Solutions4ebiz, has been a key participant in the engineering and set-up of the Java core classes. He spent years perfecting the classes, working with many people to fine-tune the Java code to maximize efficiency and reduce development time. Both Jack Wilson and Michael Sheward are committed to using open source code for development. They are able to produce top quality products for less money when using open source code. They can then pass this savings along to their customers in the form of lower licensing fees.

Solutions4ebiz now has a large library of modular source code that can be used in developing custom systems and software. Because the essential components are already in place, new applications can be developed quickly and cost-effectively. "We put a lot of extra time into developing the parts and pieces so they could be reused", Jack Wilson explains. "Some developers take shortcuts by hard-coding things, but we developed tools that allow the code to be managed and applied to a wide-variety of applications."