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The speed your subscribers experience, when using applications such as video streaming, can be significantly lower than the speed your network can provide. Our TCP Optimization appliance can make the speed your subscribers experience much closer to the real speed your network can provide. The following graph shows the average speed of Netflix downloads, with and without TCP optimization, and how much they get accelerated, in different networks using our system in commercial service.

netflix graph 1


Our product also provides Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) capabilities, providing a breakdown of the services used in the network, and a time-evolution of that break-down.

dpi 1 dpi 2

We can even limit the maximum speed per user for certain applications, detected by DPI, which can reduce the peak data throughput of the network (and the average latency). Doing this integrated with TCP optimization manages to improve the speed of bad connections and then limit the speed of the best ones, while avoiding dropping packets enforcing the speed limitation. This can be seen in the following graph, showing 4 days in a network, where video streaming was limited to 2 Mbps per user during even hours and allowed to flow freely during odd hours.

dpi 3

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